When a family breaks apart, there are a lot of legal issues that must be handled. For fathers, this can include disputes about paternity, child support, visitation rights, custody arrangements, and property division. A fathers rights attorney can help you navigate these legal concerns and ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.

In the past, courts tended to favor mothers in custody cases. It was assumed that children were better off with their mother, and it is a mistake to think that this bias has gone away completely. However, a skilled Pensacola fathers rights lawyer can assist in challenging this assumption and arguing for your right to equal time with your child.

A family court judge will listen to your side of the story and make a decision that is fair for everyone. A good fathers rights attorney can help you collect evidence, draft the necessary paperwork and advocate for your rights in front of a judge. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer can also assist with other legal matters related to parenting and custody such as enforcement of visitation or child support payments.

If your former spouse is not paying child support, a lawyer can help you take action to enforce the law. They can also review your current support arrangement and make changes as necessary. In addition, a lawyer can assist with issues regarding parental alienation, which is when one parent attempts to alienate the other from their child.

Fathers who do not have a prenuptial agreement may need to establish paternity before they can seek custody or visitation. This can be a complicated matter and is often done in cases that involve contested divorces. If you are struggling to determine the truth about a child’s biological parent, a paternity test can be helpful. A paternity lawyer can help you find a reliable lab and obtain the necessary paperwork to prove your case in court.

A fathers rights attorney can also help with custody and visitation rights. In some states, courts will grant both parents shared custody of their children. In others, the judge will prefer that one parent have sole custody. However, the judge must also weigh other factors such as the ability of each parent to care for the child, living conditions, and financial stability. If a child’s best interests are not being served, a judge can order a change in custody or visitation.

If you need assistance with fathers’ rights, contact a family lawyer right away. A fathers’ rights attorney can protect your legal rights and ensure that you have a positive impact on your child’s life. Whether you need help establishing paternity, negotiating child custody or visitation arrangements, or countering false abuse allegations, a dedicated fathers’ rights attorney can assist you. They can also provide you with the support you need to raise your child in a loving and healthy environment. Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law or schedule a consultation today.