In the past, mothers were usually given more time with their children than fathers during custody battles. But that’s no longer the case. Under Texas law, courts must now make choices based on what’s best for the children. Here “shared parenting” means that both parents are involved in the life of the child or children. Fathers’ Rights Lawyers who are good at what they do can help you understand your rights and fight for what you want in your divorce deal. If you are looking for an experienced Father’s Right Attorney, visit for guidance and Free Consultation!
There are Fort Worth Fathers Rights Lawyers who can help you protect your rights in family court, whether you are getting divorced or not married. These lawyers have a lot of knowledge with all areas of family law, such as divorce, legal separation, annulment, parental unfitness, adoption, and child custody and support. A Fathers Rights Lawyer can also help you if you are wrongly accused of domestic violence, which could keep you from seeing your kids ever again. Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law at (817) 631-8492 for your Free Consultation with a Father’s Rights attorney.
A lawyer for fathers’ rights says it’s not fair for a mother to have full custody and power of decision-making after a divorce or other family law disagreement. A Fort Worth Fathers Rights Attorney should instead fight for you to keep the relationship with your children that they have had their whole lives. This could mean joint custody, visitation, or even the chance to get a piece of any future inheritances.
When looking for a Fathers Rights Lawyer, make sure to find one that has good reviews from past clients. Review sites let you see what other people have said about the lawyer’s work and customer service. When you find a lawyer you like, set up a meeting to talk about your case.
It is important to be honest with your lawyer during this meeting. Even though you shouldn’t talk about private things that aren’t appropriate, being honest about your goals in a divorce or other family law case can be helpful. This can help your lawyer serve you better by giving them ideas for how to reach your goals.
Also, you should know what the rule is in your state. That means all local, state, and federal rules that deal with child support, visitation, and custody. All of these things can be helped by a Fort Worth Fathers Rights Attorney, who can also protect you against false accusations of abuse.
You can expect to talk about your case with the lawyer for about an hour during your first meeting. From this point on, the lawyer should have enough information to give you an initial review of your case and suggest a way to move forward. If you can’t pay for the lawyer right away, he or she might be ready to work out a payment plan with you. This choice should only be made if you think it is important in your case, though. In that case, you might want to hire a different lawyer. For as little as $125 an hour, you can hire a good Fathers Rights Lawyer.